Now You Never Have to Miss a Post

I spent this evening successfully figuring out how to add Feedburner so that you can subscribe to The Intrepid Entrepreneur by email and automatically stay updated whenever I make a blog post.

I wanted to make this super easy for you because I’ve found that one of the most complicated things about blogs is trying to figure out this RSS thing.  I need to get an email when my favorite bloggers make a post, not have it go into my google reader.  I never look at my google reader.  As with almost everything in my life, if it doesn’t get to my email, it didn’t really happen.

So, I hope you’ll take 3 seconds and click on the link that says “Subscribe to The Intrepid Entrepreneur by Email” up there in the upper left corner above the Categories.  That way, you’ll never miss anything.



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3 responses to “Now You Never Have to Miss a Post

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    Hiya Alexis. So glad you started up a blog. I’m sure it will work great for you. I do believe that one can receive emails via their RSS, but I personally love the stats that Feedburner supplies.


  2. consultgal


    I would like to be able to subscribe via ‘plain ‘ol RSS’. I don’t see that option. If you end up in my email, I’ll never read ya. Different strokes for different folks, huh (even people from the same folks!)?


  3. alexisneely

    Done! RSS feed reader is set to go. Now subscribe!

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