I’m Going to BlogHer 08!

I just registered for BlogHer in San Francisco July 18-20. Let me know if I’ll see you there and if you have any great tips for making the most of it.

Secretly, I was hoping I’d be invited to speak, but when I remembered I’m nearly totally invisible in the blogging/mommy world, I decided I’d give me ego a hard smack on the ass and get registered as an attendee.

I’m super excited about attending and also a little nervous at the same time. I generally find that I don’t fit in that great with other women, especially big groups of other women. I generally end up talking way too much about business or making money and it makes them uncomfortable.

When my kids were babies I could relate to the whole mom thing, and I still do, but since they are older, it’s not quite the same. Back then, I spent all my time obsessing over the latest breastfeeding in public laws and whether the other mom’s we went to preschool with liked me.

Now, I can’t seem to stop talking about recurring revenue, business models, social networking, info-marketing, and the next cool new start up. Ladies Who Launch has helped me re-connect with my feminine side while still indulging my passion for business.

I’m hoping that BlogHer will help me understand how I can be more interesting and bring more moms to my blogs while still being me. If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear em.



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2 responses to “I’m Going to BlogHer 08!

  1. LA Blogger Gal

    I’ll be there!! i’ve been blogging for about five years now, but this will be my first BlogHer. I can totally relate to not fitting in though (and I’ve mingled with other BlogHer gals at SXSW). Not being a mom, and not being much of a current events blogger, I sometimes feel like I run in a different sort of circle. Are you going to the Newbie Party?


  2. sauerswald

    I hope it goes well for you — and I am sure you will fit in!! I feel like you are always getting along well with groups of women, by the way! Just one woman’s opinion… 😉

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