Yes, I’m a Mompreneur … and I’m changing the name of the blog

About a year ago, I met a successful business woman who created a line of bags. Butler bags, to be specific.

She had one major piece of advice for me. Don’t call yourself a mompreneur. You’re an entrepreneur and if you get pigeon-holed as a mompreneur, you won’t be taken seriously.

I believed her. And, maybe she’s right.

But, I’m taking a stand today as a mompreneur because that’s what I am. I’m a mom and an entrepreneur and there’s just no way around that.

As I’m writing this, my babies are curled up asleep in bed next to me. I can’t separate my momness from my entrepreneurness. At least not at this stage of my life.

So, the blog has a new name – it was the Intrepid Entrepreneur. Now, it’s the Intrepid Mompreneur. Still about being afraid and doing it anyway. Now adding in the mom part.



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2 responses to “Yes, I’m a Mompreneur … and I’m changing the name of the blog

  1. I agree with you it doesn’t make sense to pretend that you can separate those 2 identities. You are a mom and you are an Entrepreneur.
    I am working with Mompreneurs everyday and I am a Mompreneur myself. I think we Rock !!!

  2. karlanddiane

    I agree with you AND the Butler Bags entrenpeneur. I don’t see why you should separate those identities if you don’t want to but to be the devil’s advocate, will my husband call himself a dadpreneur, my doctor, a momdoctor my accountant, a dadaccountant. Food for thought. Either way, I love your blog…so refreshingly candid.

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