Fuzzy Leg Warmers, Vinyl Skirts, Fishnets and Nannies

I’ve made a few more purchases for Burning Man that I want to show you, but before I do, I’ve got to comment on a blog post I read today that burned a hole in my heart.

Gone Nanny Gone is a new post on the LA Moms Blog by new to the blog Elizabeth. Welcome Elizabeth! So, I’m dying to know how you are going to survive without your nanny. Do you have someone else lined up and how’d you find her.

I don’t know what I’d do without my nanny. I kick myself now for denying myself (and my kids) for so long the gift of another woman who can mother them when I’ve reached the end of my mothering rope!

Kelsey’s only been with us a couple of months, but she is so part of the family. And, I’d be devastated to see her go. She was even helping me pick out my burning mans costumes tonight and took pictures of me in my  get up. The girl gets me!

And, best of all, she’s a Christian girl who graduated from Biola.  She’s got a lot of love in her heart, she’s open-minded, free of judgment and loves Jesus.

Here’s some of what I bought to fill out the costume, which currently includes: the boots and the goggles, which you can remind yourself about here.

Now, we’ll add some fuzzy, furry leg warmers, a purple vinyl skirt and fishnet stockings. That’s complete outfit #1. Cool, right? Here’s a picture of the fuzzy, furry leg warmers.  FUN!!


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