I can’t stand Palin’s politics, but I love that she’s running

Sarah Palin stands for overturning Roe v. Wade, supports the death penalty and believes that gay marriage should be banned.  I won’t vote for a ticket that includes her.  And yet, I love that she’s there.

Her candidacy has got working moms, mom bloggers, and pundit moms talking politics in a way that I believe will result in more women at the polls this year, no matter who we are voting for.  Plus, she rocks a sling!

Running for Vice President is the best thing she can do for her family.  My all time favorite blogger who I have a little crush on because I love her writing so much says the Republican’s should dump her because she’s got too much responsibility at home. Ouch Penelope.  That hurts.  And, it’s just plain wrong.

Of course I agree that her children should take priority over everything else.  But, from my experience as a working mom, I can tell you that Palin’s children will get the best of their mom if she is running for or does become veep.

It’s so hard for so many mom’s to ask for help.  It was for me.  We want to do it all and think we have to do it all ourselves.  Well, that’s just crap.  But, we don’t realize that until we take on more than we can possibly handle and we’re forced into asking for help.

I know this because I’ve lived it.  When I was an associate at a biglaw firm and my husband was staying at home with our first baby, I thought we didn’t need any help.  Two adults should be able to take care of one baby without any help, right?

Wrong!  That belief probably contributed to the failure of my marriage.

It wasn’t until I was a single mom running two businesses and raising two kids that I finally accepted I needed help and lots of it.  The more successful I’ve gotten in my career the more help I’ve allowed in. And the better my kids have fared.

Today, my village includes a full time live in nanny, a 3 day a week housekeeper, and a full time personal assistant/house manager, not to mention an involved boyfriend and ex-husband. I wouldn’t have any of this if I didn’t have a big time job running my businesses.

If Palin makes it to the White House, she’ll have all the help she wants and needs.  And perhaps with so much responsibility, she’ll be willing to ask for it.

If she’s shut out of politics because she has too much responsibility at home, she’s just another frazzled mom with too many kids and not enough help.  C’mon Penelope, should your investors drop you just because you’ve got two special needs kids and a needy husband?  Heck no.  You’re the best person to run your company and with the right support your kids and husband are the motivators that will ensure you are going to bust your butt to be successful, no matter what.  Palin too.



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6 responses to “I can’t stand Palin’s politics, but I love that she’s running

  1. mattnine

    Couldn’t agree more. To hate someone for what they believe in is to hate democracy itself, and her involvement in this campaign just makes it all the more interesting and challenging for both parties and the electorate.

    I hope Obama wins, because I support his policies and didn’t support the war, but clearly Palin presents a huge challenge to him. However, let’s give him some credit, he fought a long campaign against Hillary Clinton and won, and we all know that Palin is no Hillary (yet; 2012 could be interesting if Obama loses).

  2. I agree with just about everything you wrote, Lex.

    But I also think that Penelope had some good points. I don’t know what my world would look like if one of my children had Downs Syndrome or Autism. That situation may be a tad bit harder to outsource than the cleaning or household management. (Or not…I truly haven’t walked in those shoes and do not know.)

    Either way, I never thought I’d see a VP candidate wearing a sling. That I enjoy.

  3. Ok the sling is awesome – it’s a real pouch sling – not something you see so publicly displayed often!!

    I don’t think her family is the reason Palin shouldn’t get elected, just her politics.

  4. Great, great post! I wrote something similar: http://hub.lsj.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080910/NOISE18/809100333/1149/NOISE18

    her politics are the issue. Focusing on her parenting sets us back a couple of decades, IMO.

  5. katprintsphoto

    Nan and I couldn’t agree with you more! I think your idea of transcending beyond the Supermom model to the Workingmom with Help model is so healthy! I couldn’t see beyond the stress of working and raising children, taking care of a big house and a husband all of which caused me to quit working when Aaron hit middle school!

    I admire Sarah Palin’s guts as I totally disagree with her politics. But to all women I say, “You go, girl!”

    Hugs, Nan and Kathy

  6. I appreciate that you can see Gov Palin as a successful woman and one to be admired rather than letting your political differences stand in the way. I wrote a related post recently on my blog, where I normally stay away from too personal or political issues. Gov Palin is inspiring…her parenting is definitely not something that should be part of the media and political debate. What she does and what her family does are her business. She has every right to become VP and continue her political career, just as any man does. This is true feminism…she will be the first woman in a man’s position. She is going to show the world that women can do what men can do and do it even better. A good family, with good values and a support system in place are what we all need to survive in this world. Why condemn her for those things. She should be admired and looked up to.
    Read more on my blog here…http://littlebytesnews.blogspot.com/2008/09/mommy-wars-and-sarah-palin-as-vice.htmlGov

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