Win a Free Kids Protection Planning Kit Worth $497 … I Need Your Help!

As I mentioned yesterday, we are about to relaunch the Kids Protection Planning Kit that started me on this journey.  To do that, I need to create banners and a tagline for the banners.

So, I thought you might be able to help.  You can go to the Kids Protection Planning Kit page to read all about it so you know what the tagline should reflect.

Here’s the banner:

Then, vote for your favorite tagline here.

If you have an even better tagline, let me know by commenting on this post.  If we use your tagline, you win a free Kids Protection Planning Kit. That’s a $497 prize for you.

This contest ends tonight at 9p PT, so act fast!

Thanks so much for your help!



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37 responses to “Win a Free Kids Protection Planning Kit Worth $497 … I Need Your Help!

  1. My straightforward suggestion:

    “Because nobody plans to die before their kids are grown.”

    It’s great what you’re doing.

  2. Stacey C

    “Planning by you, creates protection for them”

  3. “Who will be there if you can’t be?”

  4. “Protect your most valuable assets – your children.”

  5. Taglines can be the bane of a marketer’s existence. Here is a great post from the Copyblogger I like to refer to when coming up with new taglines:

    Here’s my attempt although bordering on the line of clever:

    “Protect your kids even when you can’t.”

    Another idea would be to create a series of banners re-emphasizing the message you have already created in your ensure statement.
    “Guarantee your children would:

    1. Be loved and comforted…
    2. Be cared for by…
    3. Never spend a minute…
    4. Always know…”

    Those all 4 do a great job of explaining what it does and what you as a parent get.

    Btw, I had not heard about this product until now.
    I have bookmarked to discuss with my husband tonight.

  6. darar

    Kids Protection Planning Kit…

    Kids should be kids and not worry about the future

  7. Preserving Parental Choice ~ How Moms and Dads Decide

  8. “When tragedy strikes, protect your children”

    “When tragedy strikes, ensure your children are in good hands”

    “If they can’t be in your hands after a tragedy, then who’s? Protect them today”

    “Plan for the unthinkable”

    “If the unthinkable happens, where will they go? Be heard.”

    “If you can’t care for them, plan for who will. Be prepared.”

  9. By the way, I forgot to add, this is my absolutely worst fear. Not being there for my kids and something happening to me.

    Just thought of another one:

    “Plan for who will be there for them when you can’t.”

  10. “Leaving Peace of Mind in Unfortunate Times”

    I love the cowboy hat & coat – my lawyer couldn’t pull that off!

    I really like your sales letter, but with your personality I would strongly consider using some short video introduction / summary at the top. I’ve seen conversions double with this technique.

    Good luck,


  11. “Leaving a Note for the Babysitter Isn’t Enough”

    “Why Leave Things to Chance?”

    “Because Life Doesn’t Come with a Crystal Ball”

    “For your piece of mind and theirs”

    “Who will speak for your kids if you can’t?”

  12. Child protection begins with the right instructions in the hands of the right people at the right time.

  13. Shelter your kids from the bad that reigns the world.

  14. Do it today–tomorrow might be too late.

    The best way to prepare for the worst.

    What you can do today to prepare for tomorrow.

    You owe it to your children.

    Preparing for the worst is hard. NOT preparing is tragic.

    Simple. Essential. Peace of mind.

    What would happen to your kids if tragedy struck?

    Are you prepared for the unthinkable?

  15. Tag line Suggestion #1:
    Be there for them.
    Even when you can’t.

    Tag line Suggestion #2:
    When the Kingdom Comes,
    YOUR Will be done.

    (Note: after reading the other submissions, I see that someone else has one similar to my #1. Please still consider it since, when it comes to taglines, a single word choice can make all the difference.)

    Best of luck – keep up the noble mission!

  16. Where will they go if you’re gone?

    I just found your site today thanks to a Twitter post from Jessica Smith. I think this is a GREAT idea and I’ve almost completed the steps to get my paperwork filled out. Thank you.

  17. Here are my tagline submissions:

    “When a Will Isn’t Enough”

    “Providing comfort and security to your children when you can’t”

    “Because Life’s Unpredictable”

    If I come up with more I’ll be back. ☺ Sounds like a great product. Something we all need in place. Very enlightening…I have a parenting resource site/blog, support show for moms and social network where I could feature your product, let me know if you’d like to be featured. ☺

  18. I like Wendy’s the best:
    “Protect your most valuable assets – your children.”

    Some of these are really scary!

  19. I’ll add my two cents as well…

    “Because you care, we’ll help you prepare.”

  20. Arnold

    I’m a single male (no kids but have nephews and a niece) who was curious with this Kid Protection Kit… I thought it was a child proof your home kit.. but was pleasantly surprised. Great job!

    Suggested tagline:

    “Protect your precious assest: Your kids!”

    “Your kids’ future in writing. In case you’re not around to shape it.”

  21. Marifer Rodriguez

    Even though I don’t have children myself, I do have a little brother that I love to death and wouldn’t like social services to take away if something happened to my mother. I’m telling her about this program today.

    Now, back to the tagline:
    Kids Protection Planning Kit
    “Because You Need Someone You Trust To Be There for Your Kids”

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  23. Belén

    “When you need to know you’ve taken care of everything.”

  24. Loving your babies when you are no longer here.

  25. I’m a twitter follower. Love your blog!
    I’m going to take advantage of your protection plan soon.

    “Protecting your child’s future is in your hands now. Don’t leave it for someone else to decide.”

  26. Parents’ Peace of Mind

    The Afterlife Insurance

    Protecting the Next Generation

  27. I think you already said it:
    Your “Peace of Mind” Solution

    “Keep your kids in ‘your’ hands.” (or “Keeping…”)
    This could include one of those pictures of a pair of cupped hands holding kids. (Like Allstate)
    (I think I like this one best!)

  28. This looks like a very cool and necessary tool to be sure your family is taken care of if the unthinkable were to happen.

    It’s funny, I was just speaking to a neighbor about this over the weekend. We recently relocated to Florida from NY and we have o family here. It is scary. I have four daughters, ages 2,11,12 and 14.

    Here are my thoughts on a tagline:

    “It the unthinkable were to happen to you, be sure you’ve thought of everything for them”

    I hope you get some good suggestions. Please let me know when the banner is done and I’ll put it on my site!

    Good luck to you.


  29. Eric Miltsch

    I think is wonderful that you’re doing something like this; it hits home hard for me…

    Here’s my tagline submission:

    “I wish my parents thought of this…”
    -Prevent your child from ever saying this.

    Keep up the great work.


  30. Because your kids will need you even when your gone.

  31. Kids Protection Planning Kit…Protecting Those You Cherish Most

    Kids Protection Planning Kit…Safekeeping for your Family’s Future

    Kids Protection Planning Kit…Be Prepared for Life’s Unexpected Emergencies

  32. T. Jeffrey

    Kids Protection Planning Kit:

    Plan like there’s no tomorrow.

    Keep the family happy. No matter what.

  33. Angie

    Leave a Legacy of Love

  34. I agree with Deni above..I think you already said it with “Your “Peace of Mind” Solution.”

    Entrusting Their Future for Protection

  35. You don’t have much space so less copy the better.

    Make it an animated ad with these two rotating lines of text:

    Line 1: What will happen to your kids…
    Line 2: If something happens to you?

  36. You don’t have a lot of room for copy so I suggest you do an animated ad:

    Line 1 teaser: What will happen to your kids…
    Line 2 kicker: if something happens to you?
    Line 3 call to action: Get a plan.

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