Martha’s Having a Contest Too … I Want to Win!

Last week, I had a contestMartha Stewart did too.

I got so many great entries that I don’t know how I’ll choose.  I want to help every single one of you who posted about your hopes and your dreams.  You really did it.  You really showed me yours.  Thank you.

Over the rest of the weekend and the beginning of the week, I’ll be reading through all the entries again and choosing one for personal coaching.  For the rest of you, I’ll think of some way to help.

You inspire me.

Now, I’m hoping I’ll win Martha’s contest and the Intrepid Mompreneur will be featured on Martha’s blog.  If you think Martha should feature the Intrepid Mompreneur, let her know by posting a comment on the contest page.



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2 responses to “Martha’s Having a Contest Too … I Want to Win!

  1. please let me win i go to high school and get good grades and i love your show and love to learn how to make new things that i learn how to make by watching your show

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