Being Afraid and Doing It Anyway

The Intrepid Mompreneur is a source of inspiration to the one within you who is scared to death and doing it anyway.

It’s about how one woman raises two kids, builds multiple businesses, publishes a bestseller, becomes a household name, and moves into her dream house, all while paying child support and alimony to her ex-husband.

I’ll show you the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Come back for a read anytime you are starting to doubt whether you can have it all.

If I can, you can too.


4 responses to “Being Afraid and Doing It Anyway

  1. sandysays1

    Cudos momma. I’m an old jock and we old jocks have a sayin’ “No guts, no glory.” You have the guts you deserve the glory.

  2. Oh my gosh,
    It seems as this phrase is speaking to me : “Being afraid and doing it anyway”, except I am still in the panick phase.
    Why? because I finally chose to give in to my passion of making jewelry, especially for the trendy mom, whether it would be for the office, or every day occasion, figured out how to put together a decent website, and now that it is finally on….
    I am thinking now what, I am even more panicked than ever: wondering maybe what was I thinking, would even anyone be interested in my jewelry, but at the same time so hopeful that my sense of fashion would be shared by other women, and all the more ready to defend it…
    At the same time, it warms my heart to make my jewelry, I am so in love with stones, whether they are precious or semi-precious, and it soothes me down so much to create something with every combination of stones I acquire.
    So I am having a very bitter-sweet time, at the same time so scared of failure, but so hopeful and determine to continue as I have such a passion for this while still so unsure of the future.
    While all of this is unfolding, I have been trying to become a mom for the past months, I am so excited about the joy of having a baby but also a bit anxious about the unknown. My plate is feeling so emotionally full, and it is such a relief and I am so thankful to read and be able to relate with other women who have experienced just those feelings.
    I love this blog, and I hope to become as succesful as everyone of you who had the guts to want to achieve big things.


  3. You are my new idol. That’s it!

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