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Balancing, Juggling and Keeping All the Balls in the Air

juggleI’m in the midst of a 2-day planning retreat to map out 2009 and boy, is my life complicated!

My boyfriend lives in Atlanta, where he has two kids of his own.

Fortunately, his business is run from his laptop, which means he can come out to stay with me every other week.  But, he also has a business partner in Richmond he has to go see at least once a month.

Plus, both of us run coaching groups.  Mine are for lawyers who want to  serve their clients in a more holistic, caring way, while they make more money and work less.  His are for business owners and professionals who have something to say and want to make money with their message.

Not to mention, as of right now, I’m speaking at tthree events next year, attending a training to become certified in helping people discover their passions, beginning a course with Reverend Michael at my Church, hosting my own marketing event, writing my second book, attending three live events with my new mentor, and continuing to pitch (or maybe begin?) my television show.

Oh, and of course, taking care of the kids and running my businesses.  AND, perhaps most exciting of all, launching a new business for millionaire mom entrepreneurs or those who want to be.  More on that one soon.

And, of course we will be taking some vacations – on the schedule already we’ve got Mammoth in early February to ski, Chicago over the summer (I know, not the best time of the year), and of course Burning Man!

Whew, what a year!

This kind of a year doesn’t happen without some serious planning.

So, Dave and I spent the entire day yesterday plotting it all out on big fold out calendars from Franklin Covey.

The cool thing is that even with all of that happening, I can feel I’ll have plenty of time and space for myself, to deepen my spiritual practices, to do yoga and pilates, and to spend time alone.

How is that?

It’s all about choices.  I choose to fill my life with things that inspire me, excite me, and fill me with more energy.   And, I let go of all the rest.  Amazingly, the more I do that, the more I find room for more of what I love and supports my highest purpose.

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Lessons From the Playa (Burning Man)

We got back home at 6am Tuesday morning. It’s not what I would have chosen if I could have picked a time to arrive home, and yet it turned out to be the perfect time.

Had we left at 7p on Sunday night (before the Temple burn), we would have sat in traffic for at least 3 hours and possibly longer because lots of other people had that same idea. Then, we could have gotten stuck in the traffic caused by fires in Sacramento and possibly arrived home about 18 hours later at around 1p on Monday. That would have been right in the middle of the Hermosa Beach Labor Day beach festival and finding parking would have been a massive, stressful challenge.

While I thought I wanted to leave at 7p, the Universe knew what I really needed and put up one barrier after another that kept us from leaving until 9:30a on Monday morning and not arriving back to Los Angeles until 6a on Tuesday morning. We had started packing to leave on Sunday around 10a, so it felt like 3 days of traveling. But, it turned out perfect.

There was no traffic at all for the 2nd half of the trip. I got home and my assistant Corey came over a few hours later and began unloading so that by the time I woke up at 10am from my nap, he already had half the RV cleaned out. That couldn’t have happened on Monday because it was Labor Day and he was off. Plus, the RV owner is so cool, I’m not even getting charged for the extra day.

That’s how the Playa is. It’s how life is.

There were many things that occurred throughout the trip, which I wouldn’t have chosen, if given the choice and yet each of them preceded the most amazing experiences that followed, which led me to this perfect moment wiser and less in fear than before.

The more I can surrender into the unexpected, the more easily I can get to where I’m going, which always turns out to be where I wanted to go.

That’s not to stay to not plan and just go with the flow by any means. Knowing what you want and writing that down (otherwise known as planning) is one of the best ways I know of to enjoy the journey with the least amount of drama and pain possible. Plus, once you’ve gotten that clarity of desire in your mind, you’ve got to be willing to try every path to get there and let go of your insistence on how it happen. Just trust in God and know that it will.

You can go with the flow with singled minded focus on the end and surrender to what happens between where you are and where you want to go.

At the end of the day, I’m sitting here and in this moment everyone is perfect. The RV has been cleaned and picked up. I’ve gotten through about half my emails. I’m chilling on the couch with my honey. And I’m going to take advantage of the TV being out to go to bed with him now.


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And, We’re Off … Plus, One More From My Magic Man

It’s finally here – we’re leaving for Burning Man today. The RV will be delivered in about 15 minutes and we’re mostly packed and ready to go.

See you in about 10 days. In the meantime, enjoy this cool voodoo from my magic man, Dave Dee!

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If You Were Going, What Would You Bring?

If you were going into the desert for a week with your kids and there wasn’t going to be any access to food or water other than what you bring with you, what would you bring?

I will have a 31′ RV, but don’t want to run the generator all that often, if possible.

So, what would you bring?  Leave your comments here before Saturday so I can finalize my shopping list.


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Fuzzy Leg Warmers, Vinyl Skirts, Fishnets and Nannies

I’ve made a few more purchases for Burning Man that I want to show you, but before I do, I’ve got to comment on a blog post I read today that burned a hole in my heart.

Gone Nanny Gone is a new post on the LA Moms Blog by new to the blog Elizabeth. Welcome Elizabeth! So, I’m dying to know how you are going to survive without your nanny. Do you have someone else lined up and how’d you find her.

I don’t know what I’d do without my nanny. I kick myself now for denying myself (and my kids) for so long the gift of another woman who can mother them when I’ve reached the end of my mothering rope!

Kelsey’s only been with us a couple of months, but she is so part of the family. And, I’d be devastated to see her go. She was even helping me pick out my burning mans costumes tonight and took pictures of me in my  get up. The girl gets me!

And, best of all, she’s a Christian girl who graduated from Biola.  She’s got a lot of love in her heart, she’s open-minded, free of judgment and loves Jesus.

Here’s some of what I bought to fill out the costume, which currently includes: the boots and the goggles, which you can remind yourself about here.

Now, we’ll add some fuzzy, furry leg warmers, a purple vinyl skirt and fishnet stockings. That’s complete outfit #1. Cool, right? Here’s a picture of the fuzzy, furry leg warmers.  FUN!!

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How Taking My Kids to Burning Man Is About Passing On Family Values

Yes, that’s right. I’m taking my kids to Burning Man. I see it as the best summer vacation I could imagine to actively impress upon them the values I most want them to hold dear.

In case you were considering bringing your kids, here‘s a great article about it.

Sure, we could take the money we are spending to get to Burning Man and blow it on a lux trip to Hawaii. We could stay at the swank Fairmont Kea Lani or the Four Seasons. (Ok, maybe the Four Seasons would cost a little bit more).

Or, I could take my kids into the desert for a week in an RV where they’ll get the chance to see oddities, absurdities, and fantastic art. 

Where they’ll get to learn about authenticity and tolerance, the environment and how to leave no trace.    They’ll get to be kids in community without the lure of TV and video games. They’ll learn about self reliance and appreciation. I suspect there may even be opportunities for them to practice forgiveness, faith, acceptance and love.

Are your summer activities an opportunity to pass on family values or just the same old same old story of life passing you by without purpose or meaning?


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Burning Man, Boots, Goggles, and Belts

Boots for both of us - they're unisex!

Boots for both of us - they are unisex!

Don’t you just love Zappos? Have no idea what I’m talking about? Zappos is the best shoe store both on the web and off. What makes it so great? Unlimited shoe shopping from home. They pay for shipping both ways so you can order what you want, try it on and send it back if you don’t like – no fuss, no muss.

Anyway, I’ve ordered all these boots for me and for my magic man. We’ll try em when they get here and return what we don’t love.

Here they are:

Boots for me

Potential boots for Dave

Potential boots for Dave

I’ll let you know after we try em on, how they went. Dave’s going to freak out when he sees them. He’s stepping way outside his comfort zone by coming to Burning Man, that’s for sure!

Before I met him, he was a good Catholic boy who had a normal, all-American, suburban lifestyle. Now, he’s hittin’ the playa with me for an event that culminates in the burning of “the man”.

Not to worry, he hasn’t lost his religion, he’s still a good Catholic boy. But, his mind is a bit more open now.

Now, check out some more of today’s purchases. Hipster/utility belts like this one are a must have for things like chapstick, glow sticks, tissues, food items, and all the other random stuff I’ll want to tote around for a day out on the playa with the kids. Picked this up from a store in India called Metaforce! Gotta love the internet!!

And, goggles are an absolute must for sandstorms. I got one of each of these for me and Dave from

Daytime Goggles
Day Goggles

Day Goggles

Night Goggles

That’s all for now folks. Getting these images into this post is making me crazy and I still have to

order some corsets, tutus, and cloaks. 13 days until the RV is delivered!


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