Me and My Kids

I’m a single mom raising two glorious kids while building a business and helping others live their dreams too. You can see a whole lot more of me on my media site. I’ve appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX and I’m a regular on Better TV. And, you definitely don’t want to miss my online magazine, Family Wealth Secrets.

Here’s a couple of pics of me and the kids. They are 5 & 8 and the absolute, total, loves of my life.

My Babies 2006ish

Me and My Babies

Here’s a couple pics of our kitty Dizzy


9 responses to “Me and My Kids

  1. awww…what a sweet kitten…Dizzy looks a lot like my isabella…or bella…except bella has the black spot on her chin like a little goatee…lol…kittens are so precious…enjoy!
    and btw your kids are dolls too!

  2. autismfamily

    Great picture of your children and the cats are cute. We have many tuxedo cats over here in Echo Park. Our own little feral cat colony. We had them TNR a few months ago.

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  4. What a gorgeous family! Kiddies, kitten and all!

  5. Hello Alexis,
    As a sponsor for the up coming Gal to Gal Virtual walk (my second year as a sponsor). I would love to chat with you to see if you would feature my story and StinkyKids brand on your site so that I can drive more traffic to therefore selling more products to help support the Gal to Gal mission of $250,000 in October. My contact number is 404-259-8911 and I look forward in hearing from you.

  6. Hi Alexis,

    I’ve been getting your Family Wealth Matters, for a bit now and usually ignore it. I don’t have a family to plan for and running a small company of my own… you know. But I read a little further this morning and I just wanted to congratulate you on you! My sisters and I were raised by a strong, beautiful, independent woman like yourself. I know the amount of energy and love it takes to give your kids a healthy, safe, enriching environment as a single parent. And to on top of that create and run a business which helps and teaches other families how to care for and protect theirs is a mighty commendable endeavor.
    All the best to you Alexis,


  7. I’ve been all over your site. Awesome!

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  9. Sorry I left the L out of title is now fixed if want to re conect.


    Give your kids a big cuddly hug!

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