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It’s All Perfect, Even Now … An Alt View of Losing Your Job


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Change is happening and for many of us, it’s extremely frightening.

Over 500,000 people lost their jobs in November of 2008, bringing the total for the year to near 2 million jobs lost.

And, it’s all perfect.

How can that be?

Because what emerges from it will be absolutely what we need for to continue our growth and evolution.

You see, so many spend their life relentlessly wondering what’s my purpose, when the answer always is the same … your top purpose/OUR top purpose is to evolve.

And what’s happening right now is the perfect invitation and opportunity to do just that.

If you’ve lost your job, you have the most wonderful opportunity to discover who you are without that identification.

Consider the possibility that your job was blocking you from growing.  Perhaps you had stagnated.  Life as too comfortable and you had entered what Rev. Michael would call the world of “stagnation.”

Well, you aren’t stuck anymore.  You never would have chosen to make this leap on your own, but here you are.

The Universe has made the leap for you and you can either resist it with all your might or you can lean into it.  Accept your new reality. Make the best of it.  And, stay open to the possibility that you are now available to take your life to a whole new level.  One you’ve dreamed about, but thought was too risky to go for.

Now is the time to go for it.  You’ve got everything to gain.

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